Still Getting the Hang of This

This is new to me. I’m talking about blogging. I’ve heard it is easy and I’ve also heard that it’s not. I’m guessing that I will find out.

First off, this is supposed to be all about SWEF. What is SWEF, you might ask. Well, simply put, it’s a chat based role playing group. Everything is free-form and easy to play. It costs nothing to the player, except their time.

The games played are very creative and fun. I’m not just saying this. It’s true. I’ve played the games and even ran a few. Yeah, there’s times that things are slow in the games and nothing seems to happen, but then there’s the times that just blow you away.

I could go into it more, but I’ll save that for another night. Right now, I’m trying to get this blog going. So if you get to see this, it must be working. I did get the website pointed to the blog, finally.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it turns out. Until then have fun out there.