This is SWEF

Yes, SWEF is still around and plugging away.

If you’ve known SWEF in the past 20 years, you will notice it has changed quite a bit from its original inception. SWEF started out as a group of Star Wars role playing games. It is now made up of role playing games of various genres. Some are original creations and some are based on games known to the role playing world. All have been fun to play.

The players haven’t changed much. We have had players come and go, but there are several core players who have been at it for years. I commend them for their die hard love for the games and their resilience to continue playing them.

I have been toying with returning to the Game Master spot once again. Sort of like coming out of retirement. I have often ran Star Wars based games, and a few that were original creations. I’m thinking of doing another original creation, but have yet to drum out the details for it. Maybe I’ll work on that when I get some spare time. Ideas come easy for me, so the hard part is getting the players to play the game. It always boils down to keeping their interest and how their schedules change in real life.

For now, I’ll be playing out my current character in one of Grey’s games. I love playing something I am not. I’ll play alien creatures, women, little girls, dwarves, whatever it takes to make the game interesting. My current character is a teenage girl. She originated on another planet, but does not remember any of that. She has the power to transform into anything that she desires. The easiest being living creatures. At the moment, I think she is in a rut. I’m feeling the need to throw in a twist to get her back on the road to excitement. Perhaps have some sort of memory of her past creep into her life, causing her confusion and maybe interfere with her powers. Just an idea.

OK, that’s enough for now. Maybe I’ll have more to add soon. Until then, be happy and healthy.