I noticed that I needed to add something

OK, I saw that a few people have registered to this thing and figured I should give them a voice.

Please don’t SPAM this site. I know it’s not very active, but I’d still like to keep it clean.
I look forward to reading what you have to say.
Thank you.


I noticed a heck of a lot of SPAM. I asked nicely and genuinely hoped that people would be considerate enough to honor my request. I now see that will not be the case.

You can still leave comments, but they will be moderated from now on. All comments that I have recently received have been deleted. If you had a legitimate comment, please resubmit it to me. Sorry for the inconvenience that SPAMmers have caused you.

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I'm Rick, just as the name above says. I have always look up to the night sky and wondered what it would be like to be in a galaxy like the one in Star Wars. Well, now I have a taste of that through roleplaying in SWEF. I had joined MagForce in March of 1998, and became Team Leader, with the help of that team's members, by August of the same year. I started a new team, Venture Force in November, 1999. Venture Force was my very first creation in SWEF, but closed down after a couple years due to lack of players. My recent creation is Pinnacle Inc., which is doing very well. In my life away from SWEF, I am a design drafter, and am currently working for a company which makes and sells high-end built-in refrigeration products.

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